I feel very comfortable talking to Dr. Ron about my health. He listens and gives me the time I deserve at each of my appointments. He explains my condition to me and educates me about how chiropractic treatment will help my condition over time. He is personable and caring as a doctor.

Christine M

I met Dr. Ron years ago after falling on ice. He helped me get back on my feet. Since that time, my whole family has been to his office for care over the years. There’s nobody I trust more for my family than the people at Advanced Spinal Care.

Rosa V

Dr. Ron is great. He cares about more than just my back, he cares about me.

Charles C

Everyone at Advanced Spinal Care are great. They really care about you as a person. They gave me the care my neck and back needed and did all the paperwork my attorney needed for case. They are the BEST!

Robert T

My chiropractor is the best. At Dr. Ron’s office, his staff is so friendly and really love their job. Everyone there is so helpful and caring. It’s not your average doctor’s office! If you need care, call them now.

Juanita J

I’ve treated at Advanced Spinal Care for injuries to my neck and back after a few bad car accidents. After a few visits, I start feeling better with their care and adjustments. I go back now just to feel good whenever my neck or back starts to bother me. Dr. Ron even sees me the same day with just a phone call.

Angel R

My clients who treat with Dr. Maringola rave about his offices. The care they provide is beneficial and my clients return to me extremely satisfied. They are very professional and a dream to deal with on our end.

Attorney J.M.

When I was injured in a car accident, I went to see Dr. Ron. He explained everything about whiplash and my care. His office worked around my work schedule and I was able to get in and out quickly without long wait times before being treated or seen by Dr. Ron. If you need care after being injured, go see Dr. Ron and ASC.

Angie C

I can always count on Dr. Ron and his staff at Advanced Spinal Care to get me in and fix me up whenever I need it. Don’t go anyplace else.

Dwayne S