About Us

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care

Upon entering our office, our office manager will ask that you complete patient forms and registration.  Once all these things are completed, you will be seen by Dr. Ron Maringola to talk about your health, and any concerns you may have.

We will then perform a complete chiropractic exam. Depending on the condition, a patient may receive X-rays for any health conditions that may be occurring. All these tests will be collected along with your health history and the doctor will discuss with you the best technique to treat your condition, taking into consideration the amount of visits and your work or personal schedule.

Payment Options

Advanced Spinal Care accepts most insurance programs, attorney letter of protection for auto accident or personal injury claims, as well as flexible pricing structures, allowing patients of all budgets to get the help they need today. We accept all auto accident, personal injury, and worker compensation cases as needed by our patients.

At the conclusion of your first visit, you will be given a scheduled care plan and a reexamination date to determine the gains made and the need for additional care or possible referral.